Cleanup Concentrations

Table 915

Contaminant of ConcernConcentrations
Soil TPH (total volatile [C₆-C₁₀] and extractable [C₁₀-C₃₆] hydrocarbons)500mg/kg
Soils and Groundwater - liquid hydrocarbons including condensate and oil.below visual detection limits
Soil Suitability for Reclamation
Electrical conductivity (EC) (by saturated paste method)¹ ²<mmhos/cm
Sodium absorption ratio (SAR) (by saturated paste method)¹ ² ³<6
pH (by saturated paste method)¹ ²2mg/l
Organic Compounds in Groundwater ⁴
Toluene⁵560 to 1,000μg/l
xylenes (sum of o-, m-, and p- isomers = total xyelenes)⁵1,400 to 10,000μg/l
Groundwater Inorganic Parameters⁴
Total dissolved solids (TDS)¹<1.25 X local background
Chloride ion¹250mg/l or <1.25 X local background
Sulfate ion¹250mg/l or <1.25 X local background

Table 915 (Continued)

Contaminant of ConcernConcentrations
Residential Soil Screening Level Concentrations (mg/kg) Protection of Groundwater Soil Screening Level Concentrations (mg/kg) Risk Based (M) and MCL Based (M)
Organic Compounds in Soils⁶ ⁹ ¹⁰
benzene1.20.0026 (M)
toluene4900.69 (M)
ethylbenzene5.80.78 (M)
xylenes (sum of o-, m- and p- isomers = total xylenes)589.9 (M)
1,2,4-trimethylbenzene300.0081 (R)
1,3,5-trimethylbenzene270.0087 (R)
acenaphthene3600.55 (R)
anthracene18005.8 (R)
benz(a)anthracene1.10.011 (R)
benzo(b)fluoranthene1.10.3 (R)
benzo(k)fluoranthene112.9 (R)
benzo(a)pyrene0.110.24 (M)
chrysene1109 (R)
dibenzo(a,h)anthracene0.110.096 (R)
fluoranthene2408.9 (R)
fluorene2400.54 (R)
indeno(1,2,3-cd)pyrene1.10.98 (R)
1-methylnaphthalene180.006 (R)
2-methylnaphthalene240.019 (R)
naphthalene20.0038 (R)
pyrene1801.3 (R)
Metals in Soils¹ ⁶ ⁹ ¹⁰ ¹¹
arsenic0.680.29 (M)
barium1500082 (M)
cadmium710.38 (M)
chromium (VI)0.30.00067 (R)
copper310046 (M)
lead40014 (M)
nickel150026 (R)
selenium3900.26 (M)
silver3900.8 (R)
zinc23000370 (R)